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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tunnel rats

A short video of the NJ UNDERGROUND crew going through some tunnels, Sorry for the poor lighting as I mostly went to show a friend and forgot I left my camera in my pocket and started filming the tunnels.

Going to jail

The NJ UNDERGROUND crew explores the abandoned jail. Apperently it was only open for a few years as a juvinile detention center. It looks like everyone just left for lunch one day and never came back into work. literally everything was left behind, A huge waste in my opinion.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

In the coal PT:2

The second installment of the mine video. throwing things down the shaft was the best part!

In the coal

Taking the newest NJ UNDERGROUND crewmen to an abandoned mine to test his nerve...needless to say he passed with flying colors and was inducted into the UNDERGROUND!

Overbrook exploration

Taking a friend to go see the one of the most famous hospitals in the world! he loved it and its an excuse for me to go back.

Black damp in a coal mine!

This is what happens when black damp is encountered and how the lamp will react to it. when it is found the best thing to do is leave the area and go to a known good area.

ROSENDALE MINE: upper level

Taking a tour of the upper level of the big cement mine. this time I go in by myself to document the decay.

Jersey Paranormal inc. at Overbrook hospital

The JERSEY PARANORMAL INC. team's clip of an investigation held at OVERBROOK hospital.

OVERBROOK hospital documentary : the forgotton

NJ UNDERGROUND'S first documentary ever! its about the infamous OVERBROOK hospital that housed thousands of insane patients although originally for tuberculosis. It's estimated that over 10,000 people have died within its walls making it one of the most haunted places in NJ some even argue in the world. whatever the case may be it is very haunted and a great place to go anyday.

Abandoned iron mines of New Jersey

Andover NJ was the site of a very famous mine back in the day and the NJ UNDERGROUND crew was there to check out and document the remains.


PT:2 of the mine adventure. no black damp was encountered but H2S  (hydrogen sulfide) was present in low concentrations as it smelled like rotten eggs. needless to say we backed out of that area pretty quickly.


PT:1 of the adventure down into another abandoned mine. this one is know to have black damp in it so it is wise to bring a saftey lamp with you or a multigas detector. we also carry CSE SR-100's with us just incase we are over come with the deadly gas.


Clinton rd is a very famous road in west Milford NJ and is the site of many ghostly encounters and satanic activity but in reality its not all its cracked up to be.

Tour of a coal mine

The NJ UNDERGROUND crew and I check out this mine that is pretty eextensive.

Tunnels of Wayne NJ

I go solo on this adventure into a drainage system in town.


The NJ UNDERGROUND and I  check out the infamous gates of hell.

Tunnel rats

Saturday, March 1, 2014


The rest of the pictures from Tweed.


Tweed is an abandoned army shooting range in the middle of the woods with tunnels running all through the mountain. Some say its an evil place but we encountered no such evil.